Tuesday, 13 December 2011

DIY Wrapping Paper

Now that we've bought lots of pretty things to give to our friends and family for Christmas this year, it seemed such a shame to wrap them up in bog standard festive paper. So we went on a mission to find some creative ways to wrap up our presents and we think these two ideas have come up trumps!

Geri gave us the very clever idea of printing our very own patterned paper, complete with tags. It's quite fiddly, but we love the idea of putting our own stamp on them!

However, if you're not feeling that artistic Ellie showed us how to transform some plain stripy paper with  some cute doilies. And we just love the vintage labels too!

Voila. The perfect finishing touches. 

3 love letters:

Jess Heath MUFX said...

Looks fantastic! I had intended to make wrapping paper this year...but of course it just didn't happen and everything's wrapped up in the same paper as last year. Oops.


Lindsey Bows And Arrow said...

PERFECT diy for the holidays!!!

lindsey |


Step Ladders said...

It looks amazing but the cutting out section will take forever. But the results are qwell worth it.

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