Monday, 23 January 2012

When I grow up...

For this months edition of 'When I Grow Up' we interview the lovely Sarah, a blogger and jewellery maker working under the name the Temporary:Secretary. Here we talk to her about her brand, and what made her get into it in the first place.

Who is the 'Temporary:Secretary'? And how long have you been making jewellery? Temporary:Secretary is the name of my jewellery and accessories brand. I wanted a name that was quirky and different, something that would suit my brand and what I was selling. I started the business in 2008, so it has almost been 4 years now. 

What inspired you to get into jewellery making? 
It is difficult for me to pinpoint what inspired me to start my jewellery business, because before 2008 I was not in to jewellery and accessories. I was selling things on eBay and it evolved from that. After I graduated, I found it difficult to let go of the business. I had invested my own money in to it and it had potential to do well.

Who are your inspirations? And where do you get you ideas from?
I used to be more creative with inspiration. I was still at university when the business started and making jewellery was just a hobby. There was no pressure and I was having fun with it because I never saw it as a long-term venture. However, now with having bills, fees and overheads to pay now, the pressure gets to me and that stunts the creativity slightly. I constantly think in “business mode”. I guess I feel I have to be more commercial, for mass appeal. I know I have a lot to learn still.

What makes a good business idea? 
With both the blog and business, you have to make sure you stand out. In such a saturated market, it is vital to ensure that you're different - put your own twist on something and give someone something to be excited about. It is nice to take inspiration but ultimately, be individual. It's the only way you'll get ahead. Don't be afraid to be creative, even if it means weeks of brainstorming and research. The hard work will pay off when you finally have something you can shout about.

What do you do when you are not blogging/jewellery making? 
Blog and work. That's about it. I find it really difficult to switch off from work. I am constantly working. I am always on the computer, laptop, mobile phone – working. People that know me will tell you this. I rarely watch tv or listen to music these days. Even when I am watching tv, or if I am out shopping, I’ll use the internet on my phone to answer customer query tweets and emails. 

What was it about jewellery that made you want to make your own?
I started to make jewellery for myself because at that time, there was very little jewellery that looked like this. I used to look at accessories on the high street and they were either really dainty little pieces or encrusted with tacky diamonds that would fall off after a few wears. Nowadays, they have all caught on to the "novelty" kitsch jewellery, it has been difficult to compete with the high street giants! Especially Primark. 

Do you have any advice you'd like to give people who may be thinking about doing something similar?
There is no easy and quick solution. It takes a lot of hard work! It's just pure hard work and perseverance. People may think it's easy but you're going to become your own boss, and although there will be people to help you, you're the one who makes the final decision! So be cohesive, think about all the aspects and how to execute them. I have learnt this the hard way!Be willing to learn and accept feedback, good or bad! It all helps you to make your business better, and when it all fits in to place, it may develop in to more and there will be rewards! Hard work first, rewards later! 

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Fantastic post, Sarah is such a sweetheart, I love her answers!

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Lovely post!!

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Love this. Big fan of Sarah and her work! xx

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