Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mr Kipling

World famous accessories brand Kipling celebrates it's 25th birthday this year. To celebrate and collide with the fashion week circuit it has produced a creative remix project called 'play with bags'. For this extra special project it has recruited 8 of the industry's most respected artist's, one from each of it's best selling countries.

Representing Britain is Rankin, whose exclusive to Kipling print focus' on this graffitti style trademarks and tongue in cheek british humour. The piece's will be moved to Selfridges later this year for exhibition.

Other favourites among the project are French stylist Vincent Gapaillard and Alex Salinas from Kipling's native Antwerp who has created a cracking piece out of Kiplings classic's bag to imitate the brands monkey logo.

By Lois Clark


Li Wei

Sarah Illenberger

Javier Mariscal

Paul Graves

Vincent Gapaillard

Prince Lauder

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