Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pinching pennies

Money money money... wouldn’t it be nice if we could just print some more? Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that (damn!) and even if it did, I can guarantee that you’d still spend the last week before payday saying prayers at a cash point every time you make a withdrawal. So, in the absence of a winning lottery ticket (and even if I did have one, it would be mine...) here are a few foody tips to help you save money, without starving yourself of a life.

 Can’t get through the morning without a double shot, skinny, dry, Hazelnut cap? Me neither. So why not get yourself a screw top flask? Starbucks will give you 25p off every purchase using your own cup. You’ll still be drinking £15 worth of hot milk a week, but you’ll be saving a pound at the same time. It’s practically making money!

The only thing more depressing than being at work is eating a soggy sandwich at your desk, on your lunch break. But that doesn’t mean that you should blow £100 a month at Pret. Instead, make lunches 2 days a week, saving yourself both £40 a month, and the prospect of a week of monotonous soups. 

Lastly, it’s 4pm and you think you’re hungry? You’re not. You’re probably just bored. And thirsty. Drink a glass of water before you buy yourself a snack. You’ll find that you’re not as peckish as you thought. Although you might still be bored...

By Yvonne Dickinson

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