Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bunny Love

If you're not familiar with Miss Fifi Lapin, you really need to be! Fifi is a a very stylish, and very important bunny blogger. The illustrated hare-ess (her words, not ours) is a renowned socialite, who loves a designer number or two. And what better way to share that love, then to do a collaboration with none other than fashion heavyweight Juicy Couture...

The range, which was so popular it's now nearly sold out, is made up of a number of quirky scarves, notebooks and accessories, all at affordable prices. 

If you missed out on the Fifi action this time around, but want to keep up with what the furry fashionista is doing, check out her uber-cool blog for everything from her favourite designers, to who she's rubbing tails with.

By Lizzie Evans

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