Thursday, 29 March 2012

Summer sounds

As the days get longer and our shorts get shorter, there's nothing like some feel-good music to get us in the summer mood.  With honky-tonk toy piano, twanging banjo strings and banging drum beats, coupled with a classically trained vocal just on the ride side of screechy, Alex's Winston's debut album King Con is just the ticket.  

The current single Velvet Elvis is reminiscent of funfairs at the seaside on sunny days, and if that’s not enough, the rest of the album is sure to brighten up the most dismal of British summer days.  And it’s not just her music that’s undeniably girly - her quirky vintage style should make her a strong contender as a new style crush. King Con is available now, and anyone interested in seeing her play live can catch her in London in April. 

By Eve Hegarty

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overnight summer said...

This is a good idea and quite timely as well. I will update my summer playlists for the summer season. Good vibes as well.

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