Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Window Boxes for Dummies

Are the first rays of spring sunshine giving you the urge to grow something!? But what do you do if your green-finger clock is ticking but you don’t have even a stamp size patch of outside space?

Assuming you don’t live underground and you do have natural day light, why not get a window box? These little contraptions might seem like a puny compromise when you’re yearning for an orchard, but with a little bit of careful planning and love, you can quell your gardening pangs, and brighten up your view.

Handy hints:

Drill (or hammer) some holes into the bottom of your box. If water can’t drain, your greens will drown.

Line the bottom with cracked pots (ask the garden centre as they’ll always have broken and unsellable ceramics) to aid drainage.

Choose a selection of plants that will flower at different paces. This increases the longevity of your box, as there will always be a new plant in bloom.

Select low lying bedding plants. Taller plants will lean toward the sun, making the box look lopsided.

Give your plants space to spread; this will fill out the box without costing a fortune.

If you’re thinking of growing herbs, try single seed plants like chives and parsley as they will grow in abundance in any space. Avoid mint at all costs, as it’s an aggressive plant(!) which will dominate the space and squeeze other herbs out.

Happy growing!

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