Friday, 27 April 2012

Something for the Weekend

Fancy doing something different this Friday night? On the last Friday of each month, the Natural History Museum opens its doors until 10:30pm, allowing late entry to the exhibitions as well as hosting special events which are not normally available. There are also bars set up inside selling tapas plates and drinks for that obligatory after work glass of wine!

This Friday is the first late opening of their new exhibition, ‘Animal Inside Out’, which was inspired by Gunter von Hagens’ ‘Body Worlds’ series. ‘Scott's Last Expedition’, the story of Captain Robert Falcon Scott's last expedition to Antarctica, will also have a late opening. Special events include a discussion session ‘What Makes Us Human?’ and the ‘Crime Scene Live’ event allows you to take on the role of a crime scene investigator, collect evidence and take your case to trial! 

 If the events or exhibitions don't take your fancy, the building itself has beautiful architecture that would make a unique setting for a Friday evening drink with a friend. 

‘Scott's Last Expedition’ runs until 2 September (£9) 
‘Animal Inside Out’ runs until 16 September (£9)

By Eve Hegarty

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

When I grow up...

We've not one of these for a while so it was high time we grilled another creative to find out more about their covetable career. 

 With beautiful handmade vintage-inspired designs, Katie-Louise Ford’s shop on Etsy offers a selection of one-off dresses made by Katie herself. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she’s currently travelling across the USA (of which we are extremely jealous), but it hasn’t stopped her from searching for inspiration towards new designs on her return next year. In an interview with Katie, she explains more about her creative streak and turning a pleasure into a business…

When did you know that you wanted to take your creativity and work in fashion? I've been making clothes for as long as I can remember. When I was a girl I would spend hours hand sewing dresses for my dolls and started sewing my own clothes at 14. I moved to the city at 18 took a course in fashion design, from day one I knew that I'd found my dream career. I started my own label at the beginning of 2010 and could not imagine doing anything else!
How would you describe your creative process and what part of it do you most enjoy?
I start by making a few rough sketches, drafting a basic pattern and sewing a sample that I then fit to a mannequin and make any necessary changes. Sometimes this process takes a few hours, other times it takes days. When I'm happy with the sample I'll adjust the pattern, cut the fabric and sew the final garment. My favourite part of the process is seeing the end product, its such a great feeling of accomplishment and makes all the frustration and late nights worthwhile.

Where do you find your inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from so many different sources; currently I'm pretty smitten by 1950s children's clothing and 1960s party frocks. Recently I was coveting Joan Holloway's wardrobe so made a batch of 60s style wiggle dresses; they sure were hard to let go of.

What keeps you motivated?
Endless cups of coffee and podcasts! Also knowing that if I keep my head down and tail up I'll have a beautiful finished frock before I know it.
For anyone thinking about taking their creativity and turning it into a business, what is the biggest piece of advice you would give them?
Don't be afraid to take a chance. I've been completely overwhelmed by the support of the handmade community and have received so many wonderful opportunities just by putting myself out there. Take advantage of online marketing, blogging is a great idea as you can share your creative endeavours with the world and let customers get to know you as an individual and not just the product you make.
What inspires you as an individual and who has influenced you the most?
My Mum has always been a great inspiration and influence, as an artist she raised my brother and I in a very creative household where our projects were always nurtured. Seeing the satisfaction she gained by working from a home studio encouraged me to do the same. The idea of a regular job always seemed foreign to me; I knew I'd only be happy if I was working creatively on my own pet projects. 

If you had the chance to take a sneaky peek inside the studio of another creative (dead or alive) who would it be?
I'm a pretty big fan of Paul Poiret, he revolutionised fashion in the 1910s/20s and created some pretty whacky fantasy pieces. I'd love to take a look into his creative process to see where on earth his inspiration came from! 
When you aren’t working, what do you enjoy doing?
I'm currently taking a little break from the sewing machine to travel across the USA with my other half. 
I'm finding great pleasure in long hikes in the countryside, learning the art of film photography, thrifting up a storm and sipping frosty beers in the fading afternoon sunlight.  This trip has filled me with fresh inspiration and I have some exciting new creations planned for when I get back to the studio.

Where would you like to be in ten years time?
I'd love to continue running my own label with a few more helping hands. I'm really interested in expanding my knowledge of couture and tailoring and applying old-fashioned techniques to modern clothing. Also my Mum and I are working on some collaborations with original hand painted silk designs, the future's looking very bright!

To keep up with Katie-Louise Ford, you can find her at the following places:

By Holly Taylor

Monday, 23 April 2012

Spring Tart

This time of the year we decide that we no longer crave our comforting hot-pots and warming soups, and find that perhaps a light-bite would better suit. We discovered a splendid blend of mozzarella, apple, and gammon, on pastry provide just the perfect mix to add to our spring menu. 

This recipe is so quick and easy, and fab for impressing friends for lunch! 

 Here’s how to make spring savoury tart… 

250g puff pastry (pre-made slab) 
1 apple (thinly sliced) 
1 ball mozzarella (thinly sliced) 
1 steak gammon (cut into cubes) 
2 tsp mixed herbs (Sage and Thyme)
 Olive oil (drizzled) 

 - Heat oven 200C 
- Roll out pastry to desired shape (we used a 32cmx20cm tray to cut round)
- Lay sliced apple onto pastry 
- Make another layer by putting the mozzarella on top of the slices of apple 
- Evenly scatter cubed gammon on top of the mozzarella slices (if you don’t fancy using gammon, you could always use slices of tomato and courgettes for a veggie option) 
- Sprinkle the herbs and drizzle olive oil over the tart 
- Bake in the oven for 20 mins Serve warm or cold with salad.

By Melodie Walter

Friday, 20 April 2012

Something for the Weekend

Not sure what to do in this weather this weekend? Then why not head down to Tooting Market and let The Brick Box bring some sunshine in to your lives, for one last time! The Brick Box has been a huge success with locals and creative types alike, hosting a number of events, and providing a platform for local schools, artists, musicians, and designers. Sadly, The Brick Box's time in Tooting Market has come to an end, and they are heading back to their home in Brixton. But they are holding one last event this Saturday, to say goodbye and to welcome their new protege's, Silkworm. And to kick things off with a bang Silkworm are holding a craft and workshop fair this Saturday to show Tooting what is in store. With a blend of poetry, great food, art installations and story telling you're bound to find something to enjoy! The event runs from 11am-9pm, with music from Adekca, Blind Vessel and Hannah Heartshape. Check it out!

By Lizzie Evans

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shutter Speed

April showers... we're definitely not a fan. So to escape the rain we thought we'd share with you the beautiful images from Ana Cabaleiro. We love how the Spanish photographer has transported us into our own summer holiday with her series of polaroids. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sticky Loaf

Sticky loaf has to be one of the most moreish of fruit loaves. With a reminiscent malt loaf exterior, rich gooey interior filled with all-bran, sultanas, and nuts, this recipe makes for a perfect breakfast addition or afternoon tea treat.

Here’s how to make your own - very easy to do!

- 1 heaped tbsp golden syrup
- 1 heaped cup of all-bran
- 1 heaped cup of sugar
- 1 heaped cup of sultanas
- 1 cup cashew nuts (whole)
- 1 cup of milk
- 1 heaped cup of self-raising flour

- Preheat oven 180C
- Put all-bran, sugar and sultanas into a bowl, mix
- Stir in the milk and leave for 1 hour
- Mix in the syrup and cashew nuts
- Sieve in the flour, mix well
- Pour the mixture into a greased loaf tin – make sure you also have greased baking paper at the bottom of the tin
- Bake for 1 ½ hours

Of course, do not forget to serve with butter (essential). If you’re craving more flavour, you could always add spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon. 
And last but not least, enjoy with a cup of Chai or Ginger tea.

By Melodie Walter

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Borne to do it

Ruffles, florals and pastels galore, borne by Elise Berger's SS '12 collection encapsulates the vision of a young free-spirit looking for adventure.

Launched in early 2010, borne by Elise Berger combines luxurious materials and feminine touches with classic menswear shapes. Caught in a world of dreams as a child, Christine Elise Kolnberger, the brains behind the brand, spent her afternoons at her Grandfather's tailor workshop lost amongst fabrics, buttons and a desire for craft.

The third collection to come from borne by Elise Berger, dreamily entitled 'In every beginning dwells a special magic...' after the Herman Hesse poem, is now being sold online. We are lusting after the Hermine dress in the fresh, dewy digital floral print and the frilled blouses in soft sorbet chiffons that remind us of being small again. With no cares in the world, exploring the fields and the woods in the prickling summer heat caught up in a starry-eyed whirlwind of our own imagination.

We just adore the balance between the structure and sophistication of the trousers and blouses against the youthful, romantic wistfulness, of this collection. The versatility makes the pieces wardrobe staples, suitable for both a smarter occasion and a more playful, relaxed atmosphere amongst friends.

By Holly Taylor

Monday, 16 April 2012

English Rose

This drizzly spring weather is reminding us far too often that we are enduring a season of ever-changing rain, sunshine, hail, and more recently, thunderstorms.

To take our mind off it we’ve been listening to the warm and light tones of the marvellous Lucy Rose.

With intervals of soft singing, quiet rifts on acoustic guitar, violins, and unobtrusive drum beats to explosions of noise pounding from every instrument but still with the folky rich melody of the voice holding all the parts together beautifully – this is no mundane acoustic singer-songwriter.

Originally from Warwickshire, now based in London, Lucy Rose has been pursuing her music career whole-heartedly, a journey during which she has met Jack Steadman of the Bombay Bicycle Club, and since become best of pals, even allowing her the opportunity to co-write songs and sing with the band on their last two albums Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix.

Middle of the Bed is one of her current singles and we absolutely can’t get enough of her knits and vintage convertible in this video... see for yourself!

Although she has not released an album as of yet, she has 3 singles out on iTunes that you can purchase for your listening pleasure Scar, Red Face and Middle of the Bed.

She will next be playing at Live At Leeds, for more details go to

By Melodie Walter

Friday, 13 April 2012

Something for the Weekend

It's that time of year again folks! Pop-up park cinema season is upon us, and kicking it all off this weekend is Screening On The Green.

Based in Butterflied Green, Stoke Newington, the people behind Screening On The Green will be starting this summers showings this Saturday with classic gangster musical, Bugsy Malone. 

The event is free of charge, and starts at 7:30pm, with yummy snacks available. Just remember to bring yourself something comfy to sit on!

Let's hope the sun keeps on shining!

By Lizzie Evans

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Monkeying Around

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to the opening of Monkey Shoulder's Cocolate Trail - Cue a subversive take on the traditional Easter Egg hunt. We started by searching for the eggs in the amazing indoor wilderness created by the team and swapped them for one for the unique cocktails on offer.  which were paired with specifically flavoured chocolates. 

Unfortunately the pop-up bar was only open over Easter weekend, but the cocktail and chocolate pairings are still being served in the three London Cocktail Club bars until 15th April. 

Find out more including the the recipes for the cocktails and videos of how to make them at home on their Facebook page.

Sunday, 8 April 2012


This is Easter Bank Holiday weekend and we couldn’t let it pass by without making something that involves two of the main staples: chocolate and eggs!  Eggster All Sorts cakes are quick and easy to make, and lots of fun too. 

Makes 14

Cake mixture
- 2 eggs
- 2 ½ cups all purpose flour
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- ¾ tsp salt
- 1 cup white sugar
- 1 tsp baking soda
- 2 tbsp honey
- 1 ¼ cups butter

Cake topping
- Sprinkles
- 100g Vanilla white chocolate
- 100g Mini chocolate eggs
- 3 small caramel eggs
- Gold rainbow dust from the Edible Silk Range

- Heat the oven to 190C.
- Cream the butter, honey and sugar together. Stir in both the eggs and vanilla extract.
- Add the flour, salt and baking soda. Mix.
- Put 8 generous spoonfuls of the cake mixture on an ungreased baking sheet (about 2 inches apart).
- Put the rest of the mixture in a non-stick12-cup muffin tray.
- Bake for 10 mins or until golden.
- While they are baking, unwrap your Lindt mini eggs, and larger Cadbury eggs (you may want to cut these into halves).
- Once baked, place a chocolate egg into the centre of each cake.
- Leave the cakes to cool for 25-30 mins.
- Break up your bar of white Lindt vanilla chocolate and melt.
- Use a spoon to cover the cakes with the melted chocolate in fun designs (try to vary – this is the fun part) and add sprinkles onto the chocolate.
- Sprinkle the gold rainbow dust over the chocolate egg.

The beauty of these cakes is that they are all about variation – hence the name ‘all sorts’. And seeing as it is Easter, you can add as much sugary goodness as you like, guilt-free!

By Melodie Walter

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ship Shape

Shipshape Studio is a fledgling design and creative boutique based in North London. They regularly hold workshops teaching skills from knitting and crochet to jewellery making. They also hold a craft club where you can share your current projects and ideas with like-minded creative souls over a slice of cake and a glass of wine.

The founders Emily Burt and Adam Tiratsoo are hosting an illustration and design forum which they describe as a "careers event with a twist" in Hammersmith, London on Sunday 15th April. Knowing where to go once leaving the comfort of university can be daunting, so the event will provide advice on different career paths within the creative industry, how to get the most out of social marketing and working free-lance and in-house. Designers Emma Block, Rachel Lewis and Alice Potter (who you may even recognise as some of our past contributors!) will be selling their work if you fancy a spot of shopping and also participating in a Q&A session.

Emily and Adam have kindly offered Cellardoor readers a 10% discount on their tickets, which can be bought by following this link

By Eve Hegarty

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Prints Charming

Here at Cellardoor we love things that are that are a little bit different, and this lady does more than tick that box! Meet Helen Lang, and her fantastic illustrations!

Originally from Devon, the freelance illustrator & designer has worked on a number of projects for the likes of John Lewis, Harper Collins, and the Tate, just to name a few. Her use of beautiful bold colours and quirky designs make her pieces perfect for adding a little bit of extra style to your home.

Her illustrations have also been made into t-shirts, mugs, and stationery, so they're perfect if you're ever stuck for a gift idea too.

Our favourite is the musically inspired A-Z piece, where she has designed an artist to represent each letter. She's also currently offering 25% off the limited screen print edition until Sunday. Perfect!

You can get your hands on a print here: Get buying!

By Lizzie Evans

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hot cross buns

At last Spring is truly with us! The blossom is out, the sun has got his hat on, and as we are now into the final week running up to Easter, what better than to indulge in a traditional seasonal treat… 

Hot Cross Buns!

here’s the recipe to try them out for yourself!

1lb plain flour
Pinch of salt
1 1/2 tsp Yeast
2 oz butter, melted
1 free range egg, beaten
½ pint milk and water (warmed)
3 oz mixed peel
2 oz castor sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp lemon juice

- Sieve half the flour into a large bowl
- Whisk a little of the warmed milk and water and yeast together, and then the rest of the milk and water mixture
 - Pour into the flour and mix, then cover with a damp cloth in a warm place for 40 mins
- Stir into a separate bowl the remaining flour, salt, lemon, cinnamon and sugar
- Melt butter and beat egg
- Add dry ingredients and pour the butter, lemon and egg into the dough mixture – mix thoroughly
- Heat the oven to 220C
- Cover mixture with damp cloth again, and leave somewhere warm for a further 1 – 1 ¼ hours
- Cut dough into 12 pieces and shape
- Put damp cloth back over the dough and wait another 40 mins for them to rise
- While you wait mix a small bowl of flour and water and roll out flat to make strips for the bun cross
 - Lay strips in cross shape on top of risen dough and bake in the oven for 20mins until golden

Serve fresh from the oven with butter and jam, or invent a new choice of topping like golden syrup?

By Melodie Walter