Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Borne to do it

Ruffles, florals and pastels galore, borne by Elise Berger's SS '12 collection encapsulates the vision of a young free-spirit looking for adventure.

Launched in early 2010, borne by Elise Berger combines luxurious materials and feminine touches with classic menswear shapes. Caught in a world of dreams as a child, Christine Elise Kolnberger, the brains behind the brand, spent her afternoons at her Grandfather's tailor workshop lost amongst fabrics, buttons and a desire for craft.

The third collection to come from borne by Elise Berger, dreamily entitled 'In every beginning dwells a special magic...' after the Herman Hesse poem, is now being sold online. We are lusting after the Hermine dress in the fresh, dewy digital floral print and the frilled blouses in soft sorbet chiffons that remind us of being small again. With no cares in the world, exploring the fields and the woods in the prickling summer heat caught up in a starry-eyed whirlwind of our own imagination.

We just adore the balance between the structure and sophistication of the trousers and blouses against the youthful, romantic wistfulness, of this collection. The versatility makes the pieces wardrobe staples, suitable for both a smarter occasion and a more playful, relaxed atmosphere amongst friends.

By Holly Taylor

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claire said...

looks so fresh... will have to check out their website x

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