Monday, 16 April 2012

English Rose

This drizzly spring weather is reminding us far too often that we are enduring a season of ever-changing rain, sunshine, hail, and more recently, thunderstorms.

To take our mind off it we’ve been listening to the warm and light tones of the marvellous Lucy Rose.

With intervals of soft singing, quiet rifts on acoustic guitar, violins, and unobtrusive drum beats to explosions of noise pounding from every instrument but still with the folky rich melody of the voice holding all the parts together beautifully – this is no mundane acoustic singer-songwriter.

Originally from Warwickshire, now based in London, Lucy Rose has been pursuing her music career whole-heartedly, a journey during which she has met Jack Steadman of the Bombay Bicycle Club, and since become best of pals, even allowing her the opportunity to co-write songs and sing with the band on their last two albums Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix.

Middle of the Bed is one of her current singles and we absolutely can’t get enough of her knits and vintage convertible in this video... see for yourself!

Although she has not released an album as of yet, she has 3 singles out on iTunes that you can purchase for your listening pleasure Scar, Red Face and Middle of the Bed.

She will next be playing at Live At Leeds, for more details go to

By Melodie Walter

4 love letters:

Sophia Vossen said...

hey there! you are so right, during this ugly weather it is always best to listen to good music!

lovely pics!

you're welcome to visit my blog:


The Darkroom said...

Ah ideal, I LOVE Lucy Rose, always makes a day better! E x

Claire said...

Her voice is lovely. I saw her play with Bombay Bicycle Club... just perfect! x

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of Lucy for ages now, her voice is hauntingly beautiful and I feel like I can relate to most of her lyrics... she's amazing! Hanna x

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