Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Prints Charming

Here at Cellardoor we love things that are that are a little bit different, and this lady does more than tick that box! Meet Helen Lang, and her fantastic illustrations!

Originally from Devon, the freelance illustrator & designer has worked on a number of projects for the likes of John Lewis, Harper Collins, and the Tate, just to name a few. Her use of beautiful bold colours and quirky designs make her pieces perfect for adding a little bit of extra style to your home.

Her illustrations have also been made into t-shirts, mugs, and stationery, so they're perfect if you're ever stuck for a gift idea too.

Our favourite is the musically inspired A-Z piece, where she has designed an artist to represent each letter. She's also currently offering 25% off the limited screen print edition until Sunday. Perfect!

You can get your hands on a print here: Get buying!

By Lizzie Evans

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Unknown said...

These are so lovely! My fave is the LOVE card, wish I could illustrate like this

Bits & Bobs xx

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