Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Crown Jewels

Here at Cellardoor we couldn’t let such a historic event pass by us without having our own Jubilee celebrations in honour of Her Royal Majesty’s 60-year reign. We enjoyed lots of champagne, cakes and of course strawberries and cream! Take a look at what we made and be inspired for your future garden parties and summer revelry.


Serves 2

400g strawberries
75g strawberry jelly
500ml pink champagne
140ml double cream
56g ground almond
½ tsp rose water
1 heaped tbsp golden syrup
1 tsp almond essence
A few almond flakes
150g blueberries

For the crown:
Puff pastry
Coloured icing (icing sugar, water and food colouring mixed together)
Edible gold dust


- Heat oven to 200C
- Roll pastry and cut out into the shape of a crown, put it into a ramekin with pre-greased baking paper inside and lay with rice and bake in the oven until golden (check regularly so it does not burn)
- Once cool, decorate with coloured icing and brush on lots of edible gold dust
- Make the jelly (follow packet instructions) but add to the mixture 500ml pink champagne and 350g strawberries cut in half into a bowl to set – leave in the fridge overnight or for 6-8 hours
- For the almond cream: whisk together 1 tsp almond essence and double cream until it becomes stiff, put quarter of the cream in a bowl; fold into the mixture the ground almonds, golden syrup and rose water and put into the fridge to set
- To layer the pudding, put the strawberry champagne jelly into a small glass, layer with blueberries and then carefully layer the almond cream on top
- Sprinkle on the toasted flaked almonds
- Put the whipped cream with almond essence set aside the night before, into a piping bag and carefully make a circular shape on top of the pudding, using the crown’s circumference as a guide, and place the crown gently on the cream circle
- Use any remaining fruit to freeze into ice-cubes and serve in a glass with our Strawberry Boozer: Gin, tonic, strawberry syrup (like our raspberry syrup we made last week!) and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, if you’re feeling brave.

Have a royal time – whatever occasion you are celebrating.

By Melodie Walter

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