Friday, 8 June 2012

Far from the woods

An elusive voice, lovely lyrics, and a family affair - meet Emily - from Emily and the Woods. We caught up with the girl behind the guitar for a quick chat... 

So I see that you are not long out of uni - is that right? 
I graduated at the end of 2010, from Exeter university. I'd decided to play music full time when I left, so I committed myself to it then! I did work and do lots of different jobs. I know what I want to do though so the focus was always there. 

The band has become a family affair, what with your brother, Benedict and dad featuring on your EP...
Although I've mostly played solo or with my brother this year, I have been lucky enough to work with lots of other fantastic musicians. My dad played bass, piano and guitar on the EPs and we recorded them at drummer Roy Dodds's studio. 

Is there anyone else in your family involved in Emily and the Woods? 
No, though my mum and sister are very supportive! 

 And lastly - How would you describe your sound?
That's a tricky's always hard to think about your own music objectively! I am influenced by lots of different kinds of music; from folk to soul, and I've been listening to lots of Jeff Buckley recently. I can't get enough of the most recent Maccabees album too! I mostly play a hollow body electric guitar which informs the sound a lot... and the live sound is growing and changing the more I play. Come to a gig to find out!

Emily and the Woods will next be playing at Jack Wills Varsity Polo in Windsor on June 09. You can purchase their EP on iTunes.

By Melodie Walter

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