Monday, 25 June 2012

These Little Boots were made for walking...

Hooray! Little Boots is bringing funky disco back! 

 Little Boots aka Victoria Christina Hesketh is a 28 year-old electro-pop singer-songwriter from Blackpool and is a musician who sings, plays the piano, keyboards, synthesizer, Stylophone and a Japanese electronic instrument called Tenori-on.

Since releasing her first album Hands in 2009, which was more pop-sounding than electro, we’ve not heard much from her, until now. 

And we have to say we’re extremely excited that she has returned at last. Magical and synthetic - her music is bound to put us all in the mood for summer nights full of dancing and fun, come rain or sunshine. 

The video to Little Boots’s new song Headphones is guaranteed to make you want go out and party in your hipster gear and in the words of Lykke Li “dance dance dance.” 

Modelling a pair of incredibly funky silver wedges, with super-cool styling throughout the video – this woman knows where it’s at. With some rad dancing too, one cannot come to the end of watching this without feeling foot loose and fancy free. 

We believe that everyone is in need of cheering up and what better than this funky disco tune from Little Boots (available to purchase from iTunes)


By Melodie Walter

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