Friday, 31 August 2012

Something for the Weekend

The cinema industry just isn't what it used to be, is it?  What was once an exciting, magical experience has, for many, become a bit of a let down with regards to seating (uncomfortable) and food (stale popcorn and hot dogs? No thanks). And with films becoming so accessible online and on DVD so soon after the film's initial release, it’s no wonder film-lovers are reluctant to spend their money on such a miserable experience. It's about time someone shook up this industry to make it something cinema goers want to get involved with!  

Well luckily, a couple of cinemas out there have done just that.  The Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch and The Lounge at Odeon Whiteley's have gone the extra mile and a half to bring something new to cinema.  

The Aubin is located in the basement of the Aubin and Wills store on Redchurch Street, and offers comfy sofas and cushions, and blankets and a footstool for added comfort, and the cinema only seats 45 people which adds to the intimate environment in which to enjoy your film.  The small cinema bar offers a wide range or beers wines and spirits, and the wine cooler by your seat will keep your white wine cold for the duration of the film.

The Lounge offers a somewhat move lavish and personal experience.  The entrance to the cinema is via mirrored staircase, which opens into a luxurious bar akin to that of a 5 star hotel.  The concierge takes you to your fully automated reclining seat where he will then take your order for food and drinks.  But gone are stale popcorn and drinks in plastic cups, The Lounge offers gourmet dishes such as fried calamari and thai dressing or a passionfruit cheesecake, and a wide selection of wines, beers and cocktails.  And don't worry about having to rest your drink in a cup holder or balancing food on your lap as tables are provided.  All the food is designed to be easy to eat while enjoying a film - the majority of items are finger food or can be eaten with a fork or spoon.

Needless to say, the only bad thing about either of these cinemas is having to get up and go home!

The Aubin: from £6
The Lounge: from £12

By Eve Hegarty

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spot on article! The perfect cinema solutions to tired outdated cinemas on the high street.

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