Thursday, 20 September 2012


We embrace an Irish twosome whose musical sounds and delights offer a bit of lilt, jilt and tilt! Let these wailing voices that belong to Heathers be of comfort to you this week. (Alas! We can no longer fight the Autumnal season and its undeniably colder weather).

Dublin twins, Ellie and Louise Macnamara are Heathers. Ellie sings and Louise plays the guitar and also does the vocals.They started writing their own music in 2007 and by 2008 had released their debut studio album Here, Not There. Just this month Heathers have released a second studio album, Kingdom!

Audible strumming guitar and two loud bewailing cries create emotional and compatible harmonies – not unlike indie duo Tegan and Sara. We love the abstract lyrics for Forget Me Knots. In particular, the lyrics “it’s alright not to feel okay” and “don’t lose sight of what’s to live for” are easy concepts to identify with – especially given the current economic, cultural and political climate.

Here is the video for Forget Me Knots – the song will instill a sense of freedom and care-free spirit to you whatever ‘yous’ are feeling…

They are next playing on September 26 at Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick and their new album can be purchased on iTunes.

By Melodie Walter

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