Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Malibu Leche Rumba

Even a couple of weeks after Carnival, the fever is still with us at Cellardoor - check out our Malibu Rum Leche Cereza – a creamy vibrant cocktail that cannot fail to bring life and colour to the party – be it after work drinks or party o’clock these beauties bring the sunshine to you! 

 Malibu Rum (20 ml) 
 Milk (Fill coconut shell) 
 1 dessert spoonful of sugar 
 Garnish and decoration 
 Cherries Banana (sliced) 
 Cocktail stick 
 Empty coconut shell 
 Ice cube mould 
 Food colouring 
 Coconut chunks 
 Small bucket/holder 

 * Warning: remember to make your ice-cubes the night before (!) 
 * Do this by filling each cube mould with chopped coconut or coconut flakes 
 * Then in a jug, fill it up with some water and put in a tiny drop of blue food colouring and mix together 
 * Pour into each cube 
 * Put into freezer over night 
 * Put the empty coconut shell in the bucket and make sure that it fits securely; you don’t want your drink to spill! 
 * To make the cocktail, pour in the Malibu Rum, then add the milk and sugar and mix well 
 * Pop a couple of slices of banana and two cherries on to a cocktail stick and place across the top of the coconut 'cup' 
 * Get the blue coconut ice-cubes out of the freezer and add into the drink 5 of them 
 * Add some straws and umbrellas (we made our own from cut out cardboard and attached it to the straw) 
 * Let the Malibu Rumba flow and welcome in your own carnival party mode!

By Melodie Walter

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