Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mumford and Sons

Floods, rain, cold evenings and sluggishness are with us - no surprises there though. As we’re now officially into autumn we need some music to wake us up!

Cue the fiery pandemonium, restful quiet, softness and unashamed brilliance of Mumford & Sons.  The four English multi-instrumentalists’ new album is relentless: Babel – the band’s second album – will not let you drift off to sleep; it will keep you lively with vigour and emotion.

From songs like I Will Wait and Reminder, which touch you on an emotional level, to the vivacious Hopeless Wanderer and Broken Crown. Recurrent themes of faith add romanticism and energy to the lyrics.  

Mumford & Sons, formed in 2007, are talented: Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, guitar, drums) Ted Dwane (string bass, drums, guitar) Winston Marshall (vocals, banjo, dobro, guitar) and Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards, accordion, drums).  

Their first album, 2009’s Sigh No More, was massively successful and we know that there’s not many of us who won’t be putting Babel on repeat over the next month.  

Watch the official video for their first single I Will Wait from the album which was recorded at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, USA.

Babel can be purchased from iTunes or you can order the CD or Vinyl from here.

By Melodie Walter

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