Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What We're Listening To...

This week’s listening choice is audibly buoyant! Not to mention potent.

Loveable non-conforming indie band Little Comets released their second album Life Is Elsewhere just last week (not long after last year’s debut In Search of Little Elusive Comets).

They are likened to popular indie band Vampire Weekend but they remind us more of Bloc Party or The Kooks.

As lyricists they stand alone. From their intelligently poetic selection of words, scenic metaphors and their fearlessness in delving into any subject. Despite the grittiness of some of their lyrics this album is uplifting and exhaustingly exhilarating.

The ones who possess the talent and intellect for producing catchy choruses and verses, infectious licks and riffs and choppy drums and synthetics are Newcastle-based trio Robert Coles, Michael Coles and Matt Hall.

Imagine yourself dancing, at a place where there is sand, sea and sunshine and this is what their sound is: Beachy.

Here is a clip of their lead single from Lie Is Elsewhere, A Little Opus.

You can catch them on the last few dates of their tour now…

By Melodie Walter

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