Thursday, 29 November 2012

When I Grow Up...

In our latest installment of When I Grow Up... we meet Jemma Fennings one half of the duo behind the beautiful vintage-inspired watch brand Olivia Burton. When they couldn't find any watches to suit their own style they decided to create their own (well, if a job wants doing properly...). As always, we ask them our burning questions...

For those of us that don't know, can you tell us a little about Olivia Burton?
Olivia Burton is a vintage inspired watch brand that offers something very different to what is currently available. Inspired by vintage and catwalk, Olivia Burton watches are contemporary, fun and bursting full of British style. 

 What made you decide to start up the brand?
We’ve been on a constant quest for stylish and beautiful accessories and have struggled to find vintage inspired watches at an affordable price point. Having spent many years buying for the likes of ASOS & Selfridges, we took theplunge and went into business together creating our own range of affordablewatches that enable people to change their watch with their outfit & mood.

 We're huge fans of your designs, do you have a favourite?
Thank you. We’re so in love with every piece as they all add a little something different to your outfit. We’ve both been wearing a selection depending on the look we’re wearing that day. I’m pretty smitten with the Animal Motifs right now, especially the little Owl, he always brings a smile to my face! 

 Where do you get your inspiration from?
We take inspiration from lots of different things – vintage, catwalk and the great British outdoors. We’re also largely inspired by street style and must confess to spending a great deal of time observing what is happening right here on the streets of London. 

 Can you describe your average day? 
 No day is ever the same at OB HQ and that’s just the way we like it - it keeps us on our toes! One day we’re designing and range building and the next we’re meeting customers. A typical day for us starts at 8.30am. Emails are always the first port of call and I spend my mornings and evenings checking in on our social media profiles – it’s so important for us to have dialogue with our customers.

 Who would you most like to see wearing one ofyour designs? 
 There are so many people we would love to see wearing an Olivia Burton watch. We love the effortless style of Alexa Chung and her ability to mix vintage, designer and high street – she is definitely one! 

 Any advice for our readers? 
 Work experience are the golden words for anyone looking to break into the fashion industry. Approach even the most menial tasks with enthusiasm and above all else… smile.

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Aurora said...

These watches have very unique design, like it! But sometimes I don't like wearing watches, because I would feel that it always remindes me that time is flying away!

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