Thursday, 6 December 2012

Do it yourself with Teapigs

At this time of year, nothing beats a lovely hot drink to warm you from your head to your toes. It can get pricey buying a drink from the coffee shop every morning though...

Thank goodness for Teapigs then. They have developed a whole range of fantastic teas that will help you create your favourite drinks yourself. There are "tea temples" in flavours such as darjeeling, earl grey, popcorn and even chocolate flake, and there are matcha teas and lattes too! Only whole leaf teas make the cut and everything is made with the very best ethical intentions.

If you want to know how to make tea like they do in the coffee shops, check out Teapigs TV's videos. Find out how to make the perfect chai latte below...

And if you're planning on treating yourself (or a loved one...) then we've got a fantastic discount code for you to use!

Just enter TPTVBLOGS at the checkout and you'll receive 15% off teas and tea ware (Excludes, gifts, cheeky deals and matcha kits. Can only be used once)

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