Wednesday, 5 December 2012

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Irrefutably the wintertide does not disrupt our journey of musical discovery from which we share the latest music mavericks that grace our audio player – and we guarantee this week is bound to give some of you of what the band themselves describe as an ‘eargasm’.

Rhythm and blues beats, momentary interludes of drums and claps that converge with folk and acapella vocals. Who dares to fuse R’n’B and folk? The answer: three young albeit bold and ruthless sisters from Los Angeles who go by the names Danielle, Este and Alana Haim.
The girls are already educated scholars in the business having originally been in a family band called Rockinhaim from when they were nippers, then what only seemed a natural step to take, four years ago the girls formed their own band Haim.
These sisters are interchangeable when it comes to playing their instruments and all three sing with the eldest sister Danielle on lead vocals; although Dash Hutton is Haim’s de facto assigned drummer.

Witness their unique sound that we are smitten with on this clip from their EP entitled Forever that was released in February earlier this year.

Haim are supporting Florence and the Machine in the UK until December 10. Book tickets here

By Melodie Walter 

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