Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What We're Listening To...

The Lumineers - best known for their song used in the Bing advert (2012) - are a little leaning towards our home-grown Mumford and Sons in their style and delivery but we must confess our soft spot for them.

They’re nonabrasive and draw you in with their near jubilation that are drawn from gloomier origins: Submarines, Dead Sea, and Charlie Boy fitting for this band aspires to be folk rock and the lyrics, though a little watered down, are still moving and heart felt we feel. The jubilant trio who claim there is no err in their melodies nor lack of soul in their lyrics are Wesley Schultz (main vocals), Jeremiah Fraites (drums) and Neyla Pekarek (cello). The Lumineers are a great band and it’s hard not love the Americana style they display! 

We like their lyrical stories which transport us back to early 20th century Flappers, love affairs and war and strife (not over-weighing the hopeful romanticism of the former). They’re endearing,  likeable with substance sufficient.

Take a look at Stubborn Love from their self-titled debut The Lumineers

If you like what you’ve seen then book tickets to see them next month in the UK before they all sell out here

By Melodie Walter

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