Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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Many of you will know Iwan Rheon for his role as Simon in channel 4’s fantastic series Misfits (and he’s soon to appear on Game of Thrones). What you might not have known is that he’s a fully fledged musician, too.

We were lucky enough to catch him at London’s Borderline last weekend and were treated to new tracks from his 3rd EP Bang! Bang!, as well as his first two, Tongue Tied and Changing Times.

You can’t miss Rheon’s Welsh lilt, which comes through his soulful voice as he sings and whilst his music has an acoustic-feel, he’s also joined by a guitarist and drummer, which gives it an extra kick.

We loved Iwan’s performance and if he’s performing in your area any time soon we’d strongly advise you to go!

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