Wednesday, 6 February 2013

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Sending out tape recorders to journalists, then sending letters from Russia with old song lyrics along with laundry tickets so that said journos could go and collect suave dinner jackets with their new logo on the lapel – this pop duo are original and far from mundane.

When their first album Happiness was released in 2010, they made quite a big impression – Europe especially. They’ve sold millions of their records, been topped as the sound of 2010 poll and just were quite generally sought after chaps, once they’d been let out into the mainstream media.

The band consists of vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and synthesist Adam Anderson. They seem to work well together and can contribute to their sound what the other cannot.

Bit cheeky, sexy-style, pop-sound with a VIP appearance from Rhianna but still with Depeche-mode resonant lyrics – this is definitely a song to enjoy – Hurt’s new single Miracle.

Exile - the new and second record release – will be out in March this year and they’re next playing live this week Feb 07 at Heaven, London.

By Melodie Walter

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