Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What we're listening to...

This week for our listening choice we have the BBC’s sound of 2013 CHVRCHES. 

This trio come from Glasgow and formed not that long ago back in 2011. They are Lauren Mayberry (main vocals), Iain Cook (vocals, synthesizers) and Martin Doherty (synthesizers, vocals). These guys have an electro-pop sound and Mayberry’s charming vocals and audible Scottish lilts add to the charm even further.

 Despite a somewhat unoriginal appearance, these guys have bucketloads of originality; themes of belief, self-discovery, devotion and wonder plus their wonderful electronic accompaniments (synths) then the mix is simply colourful and the result - electro sunlight. Still quite a young band, they’ve certainly impressed us, and we are sure that in time their sound will become even more splendid. We patiently await their debut album later this year. 

Here’s their latest single release Recover. It is within this song that Mayberry’s wondrous voice really takes hold of us; it is the centerpiece of the song and captures its listening audience. 

Chvrches are next playing live in London at Village Underground on Monday 29 April and their music can be downloaded from iTunes.

By Melodie Walter

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