Monday, 17 June 2013

Peanut butter, Chocolate and Banana Milkshake

Now that Summer is truly on its way we thought it was about time we made another summery treat to share with you. Over the weekend to get us up and going in the mornings we made our peanut butter, chocolate and banana milkshakes! 

You can add ice-cream for extra coolness but the frozen banana itself usually generates enough cool creaminess. These are just delicious - try for yourselves...

Serves 2 
2 bananas
1 dessert spoon of drinking chocolate powder
1 heaped tablespoon of peanut butter
300ml milk
2 spoonfuls of vanilla ice-cream 

- The night before you want to make your milkshakes, slice the bananas, pop them in a plastic bag and freeze them over night
- When you want to make your milkshakes, blend all over the ingredients in a blender, except for the ice-cream
- Then add the ice-cream for extra coolness, if desired. 

By Melodie Walter

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Lauren said...

Delicious! I didn't like peanut butter or bananas up unti recently so definitely will have to try this! xo

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