Thursday, 4 July 2013

A twist on a classic....

With Wimbledon in full swing, punnets of rosy red strawberries and dollops of fresh cream are on everyone’s mind. If you fancy something even more decadent then this is the recipe for you. Take the staple item of strawberries, ramp up the cream element by using ice cream and then add in some cheeky chocolate sweets and you have a knickerbocker glory that we're sure would suit Murray’s needs after a tricky match.

Tub of lovely vanilla ice cream (Our favourite is Mackey’s!)
A punnet of strawberries
2 bars of Mars Bar
100ml Double Cream
100g Malteasers

 - Start off by chopping up your Mars bars into chunks and then place in a bowl over some simmering water. Stir occasionally until it’s completely melted and becomes like a paste.

- Meanwhile bash up the Malteasers a little and wash and chop the strawberries into quarters.

- Back to the Mars bar sauce. Add in the cream and mix together until it all becomes smooth and pourable.

- Find some suitable bowls/glasses. Scoop some of the ice cream into the bowl, sprinkle over the Malteasers, top with some strawberries and then trinkle over the lovely sauce.

- Serve straight away.

Recipe and photography by Ailie Williams

3 love letters:

Lauren said...

This looks SO good! :) xo

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Maltesers mashed up with Mascarpone. Amazing and simple. I think it could be improved with strawberries though - thanks for reminding me of it.

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