Tuesday, 13 August 2013

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The Vaccines have risen through the ranks pretty quickly since 2010. Their debut album ‘What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?’ was sealed with the initial charm that attracted fans, but on the follow up they kicked it up a gear, elongating the short, sharp bursts of intense pop rock that appeared on their debut effort. Second album, ‘Come of Age’ disappointed some fans, but you’re never going to please everybody. 

The London four-piece announced details of their latest EP ‘Melody Calling’ recently, and the title track from this has been rattling around our minds ever since the first play. Recorded in LA, the American influence is tangible but this is a band who has not allowed themselves to lose their heads in LA.

The track is different from what we’ve heard before, and it certainly boasts palm trees and exotic vibes. The hooks may be more laidback, but still as catchy as The Vaccines never fail to conjure up. Whilst die-hard fans will dig this, others may be quick to dismiss it. Here’s one word of advice; put your doubts to one side, The Vaccines may have taken a more scenic route but they will still reign victorious when they finally release a third album. Mark our words.

By Lauren Wade

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