Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School

The start of September always gives us that lovely back to school feeling. Who can forget that first day with a brand new pencil case, new shoes and new coat - with name tags firmly sewn in by mum, of course!

Even though we've moved on (a little), we still love to surround ourselves with some new stationery to start off the new term in style....

1. The only bag our stuff will be seen in, the essential satchel and we couldn't resist this cute pastel hue. Chelsea Satchel in Sweet Pea, Cambridge Satchel Company

2. Who says your pens can't look pretty? This does... even when writing boring notes! Polka Dot Pen, Poketo

3. Let everyone know it's yours with this personalised pencil case.  Monogrammed Case, Friendly Handmade

4.  With this cute planner, there'll be no excuses for not being organised. Perfect Mini Planner, Poketo

5. These fun sticky notes will bring no doubt bring a smile to your face... Set of sticky notes, Topshop

6. Keep all your good ideas noted down in this pretty notebook. Historisk Note-book in pink, IKEA

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