Tuesday, 10 September 2013

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Sheffield’s rock four-piece Arctic Monkeys are back with a new album ‘AM’ that shifts perspectives, and introduces us to a different kind of game on their fifth release. However, it’s the B-side to latest track ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ that boasts a fuller sound and glorious vocal arrangements.

‘Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You’ sees drummer Matt Helders purring away in smooth falsetto, whilst it’s left to slick frontman Alex Turner to steer the track into sonic territory with his commentary of one very, very lucky girl. 

The track is definitely a cousin of its A-side and those borderline Dr. Dre beats are present once more. There’s also one final niggling thought that this tune more than deserves a place on their current album, but all of Arctic Monkeys’ B-sides are excellent so that’s nothing new. If you like killer displays of vocal prowess, you’ll more than enjoy this gem.

By Lauren Wade

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