Thursday, 10 October 2013

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Remnant of musicians who have gone before them, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are the Californian natives completing the line-up that is Deap Vally. As a female-fronted thrash rock duo who cites Thelma & Louise as their influences, you may be under the impression that these chicks deviate from your average rockers; you’re spot on.   

Band interests have been listed as ‘knitting and crocheting’ although we can confirm things are never this tame on stage, as seen across a number of summer festivals. One track that stands out and packs more of a punch than the rest is ‘Baby I Call Hell’ a statement of intent of sorts for what to expect. 

Guitars whirl, drums crash and the instrumentation is paced to a degree that will have you vibing hard in no time. No hints are given to where they’re headed next but one thing’s set in stone; it will undoubtedly be badass.

By Lauren Wade

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