Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Meet... Girl in the Lens

Our next instalment of Meet the Blogger comes from Natasha at Girl in the Lens, which she runs with her boyfriend alongside her full time job and being an author... phew! We caught up with the girl behind the blog, and found out how she manages to fit it all in!

Ok, first up who is 'Girl in The Lens' for those that don't already know? 
 I'm a 23 year-old, half-Chinese half-English girl from a town near London who studied Geography at uni but somehow ended up working in fashion and social media! 

How long have you been blogging, and what made you want start it in the first place?
I run Girl in the Lens with my boyfriend, Callum (I guess you could call him the Boy Behind the Lens!). We started it just over two years ago as a creative project between the two of us - me writing and styling, Callum doing all the photography and design - and it's since grown into something much larger and more wonderful than we ever anticipated! We still have the same ethos behind it though as we did when we first started - the blog is a space to explore our creativity and have fun with photography. That will never change. 

What inspires your blog posts? 
 We tend to shoot outside, as we love natural light and the changing colours of the season. Sometimes we keep to our local areas, and sometimes we find somewhere special to take a more creative shoot. We're actually in the process of redesigning the blog and will be focusing more on lifestyle posts in the future. Not that I'm bored of fashion! But Callum has so much more to offer as a photographer, and it'll push us to have more adventures and try new things to share with our readers. 

How would you describe your style? 
 Casual but polished, preppy, non-committed. It's still evolving day by day. 

You're also a YA author. How did that come about... and how do you fit it all in!
I never stop! I actually juggle three jobs (alongside blogging and being an author, I am a freelance social media consultant and writer), and it is always a little crazy trying to keep on top of everything. But you only live once, so I'd rather always be busy and make the most of the time I have! Being an author is what I've always wanted to do though. Ever since young, it was a dream of mine to have a novel published, and I was always writing. I got my publishing deal the traditional way - I wrote a novel, submitted it to agents, who then submitted it to publishers ... and then we were lucky enough to get a wonderful two-book deal! It's a dream, being able to see my words out there in the world. 

What do you get up to when you're not blogging? 
 Most of the time I'm writing (or thinking about writing), but I also love reading, having long baths, watching marathon runs of old shows I love like The OC, going for walks, nights in Callum, doing yoga, exercising, playing video games, travelling, seeing friends and family ... oh, and eating. Lots of eating. 

 What three items can you not live without? 
 A ring Callum gave me for my 23rd birthday with a line from my novel engraved on the inside, my Kindle (and all the books on it), and my new MacBook Air. 

Tell us something no one else knows about you... 
 The crazy stuff that goes in my brain. Stories are writing themselves in there all day, every day. I can't keep up! 

And lastly, as we're releasing our travel issue, we want to know your favourite holiday destination?
 Pangkor Laut in Malaysia. I grew up in Malaysia - it's one of my favourite places on earth. While it has a lot of gorgeous coastal resorts and islands, Pangkor Laut is special. My mum took me, my dad and Callum there a few years ago as a treat. We were only there a few days, but I could have stayed for weeks.

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